Sample Census Sheets

Here you can find the List of Data to be ascertained in the Population and Housing Census in 2011 (Annexe to Law Act No. 263/2008 Coll.)

A. Data on Population
1. Address of permanent or usual residence
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Marital status
5. Country or place of birth
6. Nationality (citizenship)
7. Prior place of residence, date of moving to the current place of residence, and reason of moving
8. Relationships among household members
9. Current economic activity
10. Occupation
11. Position
12. Industry in which economic activity is conducted
13. Place of employment
14. Highest education level attained
15. Major field of study
16. Place of school, college or university
17. Method of commuting to work, school
18. Number of live-born children (females only)
19. Year in which current marriage began
20. Ethnicity
21. Mother tongue
22. Most frequently used language
23. Religion
24. Computer literacy

B. Data on Apartment
25. Type of apartment ownership
26. Inhabitancy of unit
27. Floor area of unit
28. Living area of unit
29. Number of residential rooms in unit
30. Situation of unit within building
31. Water supply
32. Hot water
33. Toilet
34. Bathroom
35. Type of heating
36. Energy sources used for heating
37. Air conditioning
38. Kitchen
39. Telephone and internet service
40. Household equipment (mobile telephone, personal computer, car)

C. Data on Housing
41. Type of house
42. Inhabitancy of house
43. Type of ownership
44. Period of construction
45. Period of reconstruction
46. Number of storeys within house
47. Number of apartments within house
48. Material of house’s load-bearing structure
49. Type of water service pipe
50. Type of sewer system
51. Thermal insulation of house
52. Gas service pipe

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