Using the Census Information

Statistical data taken from a population and housing census are useful to both public administration and self-government as well as to the private sector. This type of information will facilitate decision making by responsible officials regarding issues such as where to develop apartments, where a school, hospital or road is needed. Statistics derived from census results will also answer questions associated with enterprise; where and in which sphere business efforts pay off, to which region investments should be directed to create new jobs, or where the existing workforce should be retained.

Census statistics can be used for conceptual-level planning purposes in various areas of life – the highest levels of society and government to the lowest levels; thus, statistics taken from

this most extensive statistical inquiry do not serve only to planners in developing long-term strategies, but can also help in addressing tangible things such as where to deploy rescue squad stations and fire departments to ensure that help arrives as soon as possible. Therefore, it is all citizens who ultimately benefit from the population and housing census.

It is of essential importance for a municipality to be able to furnish satisfactory proof of the number of its residents. That figure has a direct impact on the amount of funds flowing to municipal budgets in the form of per capita taxes. Municipalities expend these funds to finance public services and welfare projects including transportation, social services, nursing services, cultural development, development of housing units, maintenance and repairs to buildings owned by municipalities, etc. This is just another reason why Law Act No. 263/2008 Coll. on the Population and Housing Census in 2011 (pdf – 167kB) prescribed a whole range of tasks to be accomplished by local governments (municipalities and cities) and that are associated with ensuring that all necessary conditions for the successful preparation, conduct and taking of the Census are in place.

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